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Training HAUS is an elite athletic performance & recovery facility, unparalleled within the upper mid-west.  Utilizing innovative, science based methods, our industry-leading team of experts work together to form a personalized approach for each athlete.


Located in Eagan

Adjacent to Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center and home of the Minnesota Vikings


22,000 Square Feet


State-of-the-Art Sports Medicine &

Performance Facility

Fueling Station, Turf/Court Space, Weight room, Biomechanics Lab, Vision Training and Recovery Lounge

HAUS Differentiators


The Training HAUS staff have a wide array of soccer experience, from youth to MLS and Olympic.  


Collectively, the Training HAUS team has:


  • 190+ years of post-secondary education
  • 375+ years of experience in the sports performance/therapy field
  • 300+ years of collegiate/professional working experience


As a staff, Training HAUS has representation at every major professional level including Olympic sports. 

5 Star Difference

Introducing the Training HAUS, an elite athletic performance and recovery facility that is unparalleled in the Twin Cities. Utilizing innovative, science-based methods, our industry-leading team of experts work together to form a personalized approach for the athlete. Collectively, we establish a foundation for athletic performance that promises to challenge, inspire and produce real results.


ATHLETE   At the HAUS, the athlete is at the center of everything we do.


TEAM  |  The HAUS team is composed of like-minded professionals who collaboratively design programs that are in the best interest of our athletes.


PERFORMANCE   We objectively test, measure, train and retest to achieve optimal performance at the HAUS.


SCIENCE  |  The HAUS utilizes science-driven methods and develops industry-leading programs that are outcome based, results focused and centered on personal achievement.


RECOVERY  At the HAUS, recovery is critical to fitness and performance. Proper recovery following intense competition or training allows for consistency in performance and injury prevention.


Our training phases, based around awareness, stabilization, strength, velocity and power, are individualized for each soccer player within the Salvo season.


Most sports performance programs have cookie cutter workouts for individual sports. We customize our programs based on each athletes own strengths, imbalances, season outline, age, multi-sport abilities and other factors that lead into athletic differences. Professional athletes don’t simply practice, they TRAIN.


We create the healthiest and most powerful athletes.

SALVO Partnership

Training HAUS will be collaborating with Salvo to integrate performance training into GA's and HP's annual training calendar, aligning performance/strength training alongside recovery/mobility throughout each athlete's competitive season. GA athletes will be training twice per week with HAUS staff while HP athletes will be training once per week, throughout a 40 week schedule.  


Athletes can expect:


  • Support to technical coaches and athletes alike
    • Providing objective data and information to athletes & coaches regarding performance standards through testing and performance training
    • Aid in bridging the gap between technical training and overall athletic performance


  •  Optimization of performance
    • Movement efficiency
    • Aerobic fitness
    • Resiliency to force exposures (strength)
    • Speed capability
    • Repeated sprint efforts
    • High acceleration/time to max velocity and rapid decelerations
    • Change of direction efficiency


    • Identification of high-risk athletes and overall load through practices and games with goal to reduce time-loss injuries, with an emphasis placed on;
      • Improving landing and jumping mechanics
      • Efficient change of direction
      • Monitoring of volume through practice, games, and performance training


    • Specific coaches assigned to Salvo
      • Coach to travel to large tournaments to aid in warm-ups and recovery


    • HAUS biomechanics
      • Each GA athlete to receive individualized biomechanical analysis within Training HAUS Biomechanics Lab


    • Introduction to Premier Sports Psychology for collaborative approach to performance training/execution


    Sports Performance 


    The Training HAUS Sports Performance team is committed to providing the ultimate training experience for each athlete. Our focus is to build a total athlete while reducing the risk of injury through evaluation and program design. Forging strong relationships with each athlete while encouraging leadership development establishes a foundation for long-term success.


    Our outstanding performance coaches provide multi-dimensional coaching at various competitive levels, from youth to professional, and Olympic athletes.


    Learn more about the Sports Performance team.  

    Training HAUS Team

    Industry Leading Experts

    • strength coaches
    • sports dietitians
    • physical therapists
    • athletic trainers
    • biomechanists
    • sports chiropractors
    • massage therapists
    • sports acupuncturist
    • sport psychologists







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