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Our combine professional, Bill Welle has been preparing athletes for the combine for over 20 years.  During his time, he has developed over 40 first round draft picks with nearly half of these athletes projected in the second and third rounds.   Bill has been affiliated with XPE Sport's NFL Combine for the past 14 years having trained running backs including Jamal Lewis (1998 Ravens) and David Montgomery (2019 Bears), and wide receivers including Larry Fitzgerald (2004 Cardinals) and Hakeem Butler (2019 Cardinals). 




Located in Eagan, MN

Adjacent to Twin Cities Orthopedics - Home of the MN Vikings


22,000 Square Feet


State of the Art Sports Medicine & Performance Facility

Nutrition Station, Multi-Purpose Educational Room, Turf/Court Space, Weight Room, BioMechanics Lab, Vision Training, Recovery Lounge


Collectively, the Training HAUS team has:

180+ years of post-secondary education

400+ years of experience in the Sports Performance/Therapy field

300+ years of collegiate/professional working experience

5 Star Difference Overview

Introducing Training HAUS, an elite athletic performance and recovery facility that is unparalleled in the Twin Cities. Utilizing innovative, science-based methods, our industry-leading team of experts work together to form a personalized approach for the athlete. Collectively, we establish a foundation for athletic performance that promises to challenge, inspire and produce real results.


ATHLETE   At the HAUS, the athlete is at the center of everything we do.


TEAM  |  The HAUS team is composed of like-minded professionals who collaboratively design programs that are in the best interest of our athletes.


PERFORMANCE   We objectively test, measure, train and retest to achieve optimal performance at the HAUS.


SCIENCE  |  The HAUS utilizes science-driven methods and develops industry-leading programs that are outcome based, results focused and centered on personal achievement.


RECOVERY   At the HAUS, recovery is critical to fitness and performance. Properecovery following intense competition or training allows for consistency in performance and injury prevention.

programs | overview

PLATINUM package


  • 6 days per week training
  • 2/day workouts (Speed, Strength & Positional work)
  • Nutrition (pre & post workout supplementation)
  • Therapy (Massage, Chiropractic, Physical)
  • Recovery Package
  • Catered Meals included

GOLD package


  • 5 days per week training
  • 1/day workouts (Speed, Strength, & Positional work)
  • Nutrition (pre & post workout supplementation)
  • Recovery Package



  • 3 days per week training
  • 1/day workouts (Speed & Combine Drills)
  • Nutrition (pre & post workout supplementation)
  • Take home Strength Program


*Local Corporate Housing and Rental Car options are available.

Combine Support staff overview




  • Bill Welle - 27 years Sports Performance Experience
  • Kevin Brown - 18 years Sports Performance Experience
  • Steve Rosga - 20 years Sports Performance Experience
  • TJ Dean - 10 years Sports Performance Experience
  • James Warmuth - 14 years Sports Performance Experience



  • Defensive Line Coaches - LOS Academy, Ayo Idowu & Ko Quaye, Former NFL Players 
  • Offensive Line Coach - Mike Harris, Former NFL Offensive Lineman
  • QB Coach - Rickey Foggie, Former Gopher/CFL Quarterback
  • WR/TE Coach - TJ Dean, Former NFL WR 
  • RB Coach - TJ Dean, Former NFL Player
  • DB/S Coaches - Kevin Brown, Former CFL/AFL DB / Steve Rosga, Former NFL Safety
  • LB Coach - Ramon Humber, Former NFL LB and Super Bowl Champion



  • Sports Dietitian - Kaela Colvard
  • Biomechanist - Michael Kiely, Sports Scientist
  • Sports Chiropractors
    • Dr. Jon Graves - 7 years Sports Therapy Specialist
    • Dr. Thomas Olsen - 7 years Sports Therapy Specialist






PHONE  |  763-742-3399


Training HAUS 

Viking Lakes

2645 Vikings Circle, Suite 200

Eagan, MN 55121